Product Spotlight: ProMinent

Prominent Pumps

This month we’re putting the product spotlight on ProMinent, a recognized expert in the chemical field and manufacturer of a number of quality products we distribute at WVCC. Alongside Royal Purple, Sundyne, and many others, ProMinent is an essential component of our product lineup, and we’re proud to say they’re also an excellent company!

The success and trustworthiness of ProMinent’s products stems from “decades of engineering expertise and in-depth understanding of applications and continuous innovation.” Just as WVCC aims to satisfy or exceed the needs of our customers, ensure safety, and provide pumping solutions, ProMinent’s range of designed products vows to “achieve maximum safety and efficiency in their production processes.”

Based out of Heidelberg, ProMinent has been an established group of companies for over 50 years. Their primary means of business is to develop and manufacture components and systems for metering liquids, and solutions for water treatment and water disinfection. ProMinent is focused on producing not only cost-effective products, but ones that are environmentally sustainable.

ProMinent metering pumps are oscillating displacement pumps. These metering pumps work by precisely “defining the volume of liquid drawn into the displacement body on the reciprocal stroke and forced into the metering line on the compression stroke.” An advantageous aspect of these pumps are the custom settings that allow you to routinely attain the most precise reading.

We’re proud to be working with a committed company like ProMinent. WVCC’s values and mission parallel ProMinent’s, particularly when it comes to quality products, hard-working experts on hand, and customer service. For more information about the ProMinent products we offer, or other products we carry, visit our products page or call us to inquire at (724) 307-3773!