WVCC Success Story: Bill Kulczycki

We couldn’t be the organization we are today if it wasn’t for every one of our WVCC team members. This month we are giving the spotlight to Territory Manager Bill Kulczycki. For years Bill has played a vital role in creating solutions to pump issues. Recently, Bill had to find an effective solution for a client’s pump that was leaking sulfuric acid.

Environmentally, sulfuric acid is a potential hazard. If too much is leaked onto the ground, the plant would have needed to notify outside agencies, which can not only cause unwanted commotion, but can also be potentially costly. Even further, the leak poses a safety threat to personnel.

To find the solution, Bill had to survey all of the client’s pumps and pumping issues in order to find the bad actors. “Once the bad actor was found, we replaced the mechanical sealed pump with a Non-Metallic, Magnetically Driven Sealless Ansimag Pump,” Bill explained. The sealless pump was the ultimate solution: with no seals or mechanical couplings to leak or fail, these pumps are the safest choice for those looking to protect personnel and the environment. Additionally, the Ansimag sealless pumps feature fewer wetted parts than competitive products and a powder coated finish to prevent corrosion, delivering enhanced durability, optimal reliability and lower through-life costs over traditional sealed pumps. “That allowed the plant to run the pump and create a much safer environment,” Bill said.

The best part about this solution? “The sealless pump ensures that none of the acid will leak on the ground both regularly, as the mechanical sealed pump is designed to leak, ” Bill adds, “as well as abnormally, in the case of a seal failing and causing a major acid leak.” The sealless pump not only saved the client from a potential disaster in the immediate moment, but also is preventing future issues as well.

Although this is not an uncommon problem for clients, ensuring the problem was completely fixed is always top priority. This is one standout reason why West View Cunningham is the client’s first choice for pump solutions and services again and again. “We have an undoubtedly strong commitment to doing the right thing for our customers at all times,” Bill said. The employees at WVCC don’t stop at just solving problems for customers. No matter if it’s saving money down the road, keeping a pump system reliable for years to come, or simply making sure the pumps are not leaking, we will go above and beyond to have the customer’s best interests in mind.

If this problem sounds similar to a situation you’re currently facing, contact us or take a look at the products we offer, such as the Ansimag sealless pump.

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