WVCC Success Story: Michael Pruss

At West View Cunningham, we value each member of our company—from our factory trained technicians to our sales team, everyone plays an important part in making WVCC successful. That is why we like to highlight our employees and their stories at WVCC. This month we talked to Territory Manager Michael Pruss about a client project he was recently involved in: successfully replacing a plant’s existing pump system with Ansimag sealless centrifugal pumps.

A plant in Southwestern Pennsylvania was having consistent problems with their Liquid Ammonium Sulfate Feed System (LAS system). They were running non-metallic mechanical seals that were clogging up the LAS. “When an LAS system sees any type of air,” Michael explains, “It begins to crystalize around the seal, which then causes the seal to leak.” This issue caused a sequence of other problems, such as a lot of LAS downtime and money spent towards the maintenance budgets.

So how were Michael and the WVCC team able to find a solution? They used an Ansimag Non-Metallic, Magnetic Drive Sealless Centrifugal Pump. This particular product was the perfect answer to this issue because of the pump’s characteristics: it’s ANSI-dimensional. “We were able to put it directly into the piping and use the existing base plate,” Michael said.

An added bonus? The Ansimag Pump brought in no additional maintenance cost. With this pump, there were also no leaks, no seals and no alignments needed because of the close coupled configuration.

There were a total of eight pumps that needed to be replaced with this client. The first step in the process of making sure the Ansimag pump was the right fit was to start with just one pump. That pump proved itself to be the best solution, so Michael and the team moved forward and replaced the rest of the eight pumps with Ansimag. Overall, it took about a year to replace all of the pumps.

Although Michael has seen similar issues at this account before and at other plants in the Ohio and West Virginia region, this noteworthy project had been the first time he worked with this particular system. Since then, he has worked on this same type of system, but on an even bigger scale at another site in the region.

This success story is a great example of why WVCC stands out among local competitors. Our team’s attention to detail to every client’s specific problem ensures we can deliver the best solution for you. “Our overall experience between maintenance and sales,” Michael adds about what makes WVCC stand out above the rest. “Our application guys have a lot of experience with pumps.”

As for why West View Cunningham is successful? Michael believes it has a lot to do with the internal team and the communication between departments. “We are a close knit group, we aren’t a large corporation,” Michael explains.

The focus on the region, tri-state area and local community is also a big factor into the company’s success, Michael believes. “We have the ability to get to our customers quickly,” Michael said. “We’re usually within an hour or two from our customers which makes us able to have a quick response time and be extremely reliable.”

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