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West View Cunningham is the preferred regional pump and equipment distributor, providing complete engineered fluid systems for applications in western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, eastern Ohio, eastern Kentucky, and western Maryland. Turn to your trusted consultants at WVCC.

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The team at West View Cunningham becomes an essential partner in your supply chain by providing wide pump availability, short lead times, competitive pricing, and great service. Nearly half of WVCC employees are engineers - primed to configure a complete solution for your industrial, municipal, or commercial application.


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Greater depths and extreme environments call for pumps and systems that last longer and perform better. For example: our integrally geared pumps are reliable and are able to produce high heads for well injection.


Modern mining requires superior fluid handling. For example: our Sunflo high pressure pumping systems are ideal for dust suppression in long wall mining.


Petrochemical plants rely on safe processing and handling of hazardous chemicals. For example: our Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps are ideal for safely handling a wide array of chemicals at high temperatures.


Almost any manufacturing operation relies on industrial grade pumps for safe movement of fluids or gases. WVCC has a large arsenal of ANSI and API pumps/compressors that deliver high efficiency and reliability for all your application needs.


Power plant operations depend on reliable pumps and systems. For example: our pumps are designed for many applications including wastewater treatment and transfer, and high-pressure systems such as boiler feed or NOx suppression, to name a few.


The food industry relies on safe manufacturing plants to process, convert, prepare and preserve food. For example: our pumps are specifically designed for reliable, dependable high-pressure clean in place (CIP) applications.

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Why Choose a Sealless Pump?

Optimize the safety of your people and processes in chemical manufacturing and municipal wastewater operations with sealless pump technologies.

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West View Cunningham, located just south of Pittsburgh, has a team of factory-trained techs ready to serve you for any emergency service or repair 24/7.